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EECS Seminars

Welcome to the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Technical Seminar Series

The series is intended to provide a breadth of exposure to a variety of state-of-the-art research projects in electrical engineering and computer science topics to our EECS graduate students, as well as promote collaboration and knowledge exchange with distinguished researchers in the EECS field and related disciplines. 

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Fall 2022  

Seminars will take place on Friday noon to 1:20 p.m. in Classroom & Office Building, COB 267. 

Sept. 2

Manish Purohit/ Google

Talk: "Learning-augmented Online Learning"

Host: Sungjin Im


Sept. 9

Tsung-Wei Huang/Univeristy of Utah

Talk: "Intelligent Heterogeneous Computing"

Host: Dong Li


Sept. 16

Dingwen Tao/Indiana University

Talk: TBD

Host: Pengfei Su


Sept. 23

Konstantinos Parasyris/LLNL

Talk: "Challenges, solutions and limitations of approximate computing"

Host: Dong Li


Sept. 30

Jingxiao Liu/Stanford

Talk: "Taking the pulse of the city via non-dedicated sensing of ambient vibrations"

Host: Shijia Pan


Oct. 7

Ponnuswamy Sadayappan/University of Utah

Talk: TBD

Host: Xiaoyi Lu


Oct. 14

Yunfei Ma/Alibaba

Talk: "SageMaker Distributed: Flexible and Efficient Tools for Large-Scale Distributed Training"

Host: Wan Du


Oct. 21

Zizhong Chen/UC Riverside

Talk: TBD

Host: Xiaoyi Lu


Oct. 28

Jian Huang/UIUC

Talk: TBD

Host: Dong Li


Nov. 4

Tafadzwa Joseph Dube/UC Merced EECS

Talk: "Input and Interaction with Wearable and Haptic Devices in Virtual Reality"

Host: Ahmed Sabbir Arif


Nov. 11- Veterans Day


Nov. 18

Colleen Josephson/UCSC ECE

Talk: Enabling sustasinable sensor networks with RF backscatter

Host: Stefano Carpin


Nov. 25 - Thanksgiving Holiday


Dec. 2

Keren Zhou/Open AI

Talk: TBD

Host: Pengfei Su


Dec. 9

Ricardo Baeza-Yates/Northeastern University

Talk: "Responsible AI"

Host: Alberto Cerpa