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EECS Seminars

Welcome to the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Technical Seminar Series.

The series is intended to provide a breadth of exposure to a variety of state-of-the-art research projects in electrical engineering and computer science topics to our EECS graduate students, as well as promote collaboration and knowledge exchange with distinguished researchers in the EECS field and related disciplines.

Fall 2020  

All seminars take place on Friday at 11:55 a.m. via zoom.
Oct. 30
Title: TBD
Speaker: Dr. Yuqing Gao (University of California Berkeley)
Host: Prof. Shijia Pan
Oct. 23
Title: TBD
Speaker: Prof. Xu Yuan (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)
Host: Prof. Wan Du
Oct. 16
Title: Batteries Not Included: Reimagining Computing for the Next Trillion Devices
Speaker: Prof. Josiah Hester (Northwestern University)
Host: Prof. Shijia Pan
Oct. 9
Title: Portable Laser Cutting
Speaker: Thijs Roumen (Hasso Plattner Insitute)
Host: Prof. Marcelo Kallmann
Oct. 2
Title: Improved Camera Sensing Systems using Multimodal Sensor Fusion
Speaker: Shiwei Fang (the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Host: Prof. Shijia Pan
Sept. 25
Title: Scalable Deep Learning on Supercomputers
Speaker: Dr. Zhao Zhang (Texas Advanced Computing Center)
Host: Prof. Dong Li
Sept. 18
Title: Human Gait Health Monitoring using Structural Vibration Sensing
Speaker: Jonathon Fagert (Carnegie Mellon University)
Host: Prof. Shijia Pan
Sept. 11 
Title: My Experience on Ubiquitous Computing System Research
Speaker: Prof. Hua Huang (UC Merced)
Sept. 4
Title:  Secret Key Agreement for Data Dissemination in Platoon-based Vehicular Cyber-Physical Systems
Speaker: Dr. Kai (Lukas) Li (CISTER)
Host: Prof. Shijia Pan

Aug. 28
Title: Online Learning to Act in Structured Problems with Multimodal Data
Speaker: Dr. Tong Yu 
Host: Prof. Shijia Pan




Spring 2020  

All seminars take place on Friday at 11:55 a.m. in COB1 (CLSSRM) 114 unless otherwise posted.

Update COVID-19: from March 20 onwards, all seminars will take place online by Zoom. A Zoom link will appear next to each seminar below shortly before the seminar start.

Jan. 24

No Seminar (School of Engineering All Faculty Retreat)

Jan. 31

The sparse manifold transform

Bruno Olshausen, UC Berkeley

Host: Miguel Carreira-Perpiñán

Feb. 7 (note unusual location: COB2-140)

Unleashing the power of Synthetic Aperture Radar for commercial applications

Julie Baker, COO and co-Founder of Ursa Space Systems



Advanced software stack to increase performance portability and efficiency on emerging large-scale systems

Gokcen Kestor, Pacific Northwest National Lab

Host: Dong Li

Feb. 21

Towards automated data science: automating feature extraction and feature selection

Yanjie Fu, University of Central Florida

Host: Wan Du

Feb. 28

Multiview representation learning with canonical correlation analysis

Weiran Wang, Salesforce Research

Host: Miguel Carreira-Perpiñán

March 6 (note unusual location: COB2-140)

Multi-modality remote sensing data acquisition and analysis for high throughput phenotyping in agriculture

Melba Crawford, Purdue University


March 13 (Zoom)

Distributed optimization and learning for intelligent interdependent networks

Hadi Amini, Florida International University

Host: Shijia Pan

March 20 (Zoom)

GPU-based methods and representations for path planning and multi-agent navigation

Renato Farias, EECS, UC Merced

Host: Marcelo Kallmann

March 27

Cesar Chavez Holiday

April 3 (Zoom)

Towards optimal 3D reconstruction of caves using RGB-D cameras

Guoxiang Zhang, EECS, UC Merced

Host: YangQuan Chen

April 10

Mo Sadoghi, UC Davis

Host: Florin Rusu

April 17 (Zoom)

Learning structure with limited annotation

Wei-Chih Hung, EECS, UC Merced

Host: Ming-Hsuan Yang

April 24 (note unusual location: COB2-140) (Zoom)

Agricultural land classification and crop water use: the importance of ground truthing for calibration and validation

Joel Kimmelshue, Land IQ


May 1 (Zoom)

Generative models for content creation

Hsin-Ying Lee, EECS, UC Merced

Host: Ming-Hsuan Yang

May 4 (special seminar, 11:30am in KOL217)

Chih-Jen Lin, National Taiwan University

Host: Miguel Carreira-Perpiñán

May 8

Aparna Chandramowlishwaran, UC Irvine

Host: Dong Li