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EECS Seminars

Welcome to the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Technical Seminar Series

The series is intended to provide a breadth of exposure to a variety of state-of-the-art research projects in electrical engineering and computer science topics to our EECS graduate students, as well as promote collaboration and knowledge exchange with distinguished researchers in the EECS field and related disciplines. 

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Spring 2023  

Seminars will take place on Friday noon to 1:20 p.m. in Classroom & Office Building, COB 263. 

January 20

"Graph Neural Networks: Foundations, Frontiers, and Applications"

Lingfei Wu, Pinterest


January 27

"Real-Time Tracking of Smartwatch Orientation and Location by Multitask Learning

Miaomiao Liu, UC Merced


Feb. 3

"Enabling sustainable sensor networks with RF backscatter"

Colleen Josephson, UC Santa Cruz


Feb. 10

"Systems for a Greener Internet of Things"

Brad Campbell, University of Virginia

Host: Wan Du


Feb. 17

"RISC-V: The Road Ahead"

Dr. Bilal Zafar/10xEngineers

Host: Hyeran Jeon



Feb. 24 

"Interactive Assistive Robots for People with Impairments'

Maria Kyrarini/Santa Clara University

Host: Stefano Carpin


March 3

Topic: TBD

Machine Learning

Magzhan Gabidolla, UC Merced

Host: Miguel Carreira-Perpinan


March 10 

Topic: TBD

Resource-constrained Computing Systems

Pat Pannuto, UC San Diego


March 17 

Topic: TBD

ACM Distinguised Speaker TBA


March 24 

Topic: TBD

Zhixun “Jason” He, UC Merced


April 7 

Topic: TBD

Yuxin Tian, UC Merced

Host: Shawn Newsam


April 14

Topic: TBD

Computational Neuroscience

Gautam Kumar, San Jose State University 
Host: Miguel Carreira-Perpinan


April 21

Topic: TBD

Performance Computing

Manish Parashar, UTAH


April 28

Topic: TBD

Yuan Ren, UC Merced


May 5 

Topic: TBD

IoT/Smart Healthcare

Gang Zhou, College of William and Mary Wan Du