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EECS Seminars

Welcome to the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Technical Seminar Series

The series is intended to provide a breadth of exposure to a variety of state-of-the-art research projects in electrical engineering and computer science topics to our EECS graduate students, as well as promote collaboration and knowledge exchange with distinguished researchers in the EECS field and related disciplines. 

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Spring 2022  

Seminars will take place on Friday at 11:55 a.m. either in-person in CLSSRM 263 or online via Zoom. Please see specific talks for which.

Jan. 21

Kofi Boakye/Pinterest

Talk: "Computer Vision @ Pinterest"

Host: Shawn Newsam



Jan. 28

Xue Lin/Northeastern University

Talk: "Towards Robust and Efficient Deep Learning Systems"

Host: Hyeran Jeon



Feb. 4

Gokul Subramanian Ravi/University of Chicago

Talk: "Architecting Classical Support for Near-term Quantum Systems"

Host: Hyeran Jeon



Feb. 11

Xinyu Zhang/UC San Diego

Talk: "Printable Smart Surfaces for IoT Communication and Sensing"

Host: Wan Du



Feb. 18

Xiaochen Guo/Lehigh University

Talk: "Supporting Special Purposes in General-Purpose Memory Hierarchies"

Host: Hyeran Jeon



Feb. 25

Haoyu Niu/UC Merced

Talk: "Smart Big Data in Precision Agricultural Applications: Acquisition, Advanced Analytics, and Plant Physiology-informed Machine Learning"

Host: YangQuan Chen



March 4

Can Karakus/Amazon

Talk: "SageMaker Distributed: Flexible and Efficient Tools for Large-Scale Distributed Training"

Host: Dong Li



March 11

Murali Annavaram/USC

Talk: "Training ML Models With Private Data On Untrusted Hardware"

Host: Hyeran Jeon

Location: Classroom and Office Building 1, Room 102 and online HTTPS://BIT.LY/FITMURALI


March 18

Bin Ren/ William & Mary

Talk: "Real-Time DNN Execution on Mobile Devices with Compiler Optimizations"

Host: Pengfei Su



April 1

Linhai Song/Pennsylvania State University

Talk: "Detecting Concurrency Bugs in Go Software Systems"

Host: Pengfei Su



April 8

Feng Yan/University of Nevada, Reno

Talk: "Towards Scalable and Efficient Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS)"

Host: Pengfei Su



April 15

Ritesh Sharma

Talk: "Navigation Structures for Flows, Formations and Decision Boundaries"

Host: Marcelo Kallmann



April 22

Dongyoon Lee/Stony Brook University

Talk: "On the Impact and Defeat of Regular Expression Denial of Service"

Host: Hyeran Jeon

Location: Classroom and Office Building 1, Room 263


April 29

Gabe Loh/AMD Research

Talk: "The Motivation for Chiplets and their Adoption in AMD Processors"

Host: Hyeran Jeon

Location: Student Services Building, Room 170


May 6

Shrishail Baligar/UC Merced

Talk: "Audio Analysis using Deep Learning"

Host: Shawn Newsam