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Prospective Students


Science and Engineering BuildingAnyone seeking admission to EECS must submit a formal application according to the procedures and deadlines established by the UC Merced Graduate Division office. Completed applications are reviewed by the EECS Admissions Committee, which makes recommendations for admission. The dean of Graduate Studies makes final decisions on admission.

Deadlines for Admission

Applications will be normally accepted for fall semester only. Enrollment in other semesters will be considered on an individual basis and requires the unanimous approval of the EECS Admissions Committee, EECS chair and dean of Graduate Studies.

Materials to Be Submitted

Prospective students seeking admission are required to submit all materials required by the Graduate Division office. Incomplete applications will not be evaluated by the EECS Admissions Committee and will be rejected without further consideration. Applicants are encouraged to specify their research interests in their statements of purpose, possibly linking them to the activities of EECS faculty members.

Admission Criteria

In addition to campuswide criteria, the EECS Admission Committee evaluates applicants’ backgrounds in computer science and electrical engineering. The successful applicant is supposed to demonstrate an adequate preparation in numerous areas, including, but not limited to, computer architecture; operating systems; computer networks; programming languages; data structures and algorithms; mathematics (linear algebra, differential equations, numerical methods, probability and statistics); systems and signals; circuit design; control theory; and communications. An applicant to EECS can be granted conditional admission pending remedial classes that would allow the student to take EECS graduate classes.

Policies and Procedures

Currently approved policies and procedures: EECS Policies
(Previous policies and procedures: here)

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