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Fall 2020

Aug. 28

Title: Online Learning to Act in Structured Problems with Multimodal Data

Speaker: Dr. Tong Yu
Host: Prof. Shijia Pan


Sept. 4

Title: Secret Key Agreement for Data Dissemination in Platoon-based Vehicular Cyber-Physical Systems

Speaker: Dr. Kai (Lukas) Li (CISTER)
Host: Prof. Shijia Pan


Sept. 11

Title: My Experience on Ubiquitous Computing System Research

Speaker: Prof. Hua Huang (UC Merced)


Sept. 18

Title: Human Gait Health Monitoring using Structural Vibration Sensing

Speaker: Jonathon Fagert (Carnegie Mellon University)

Host: Prof. Shijia Pan


Sept. 25

Title: Scalable Deep Learning on Supercomputers
Speaker: Dr. Zhao Zhang (Texas Advanced Computing Center)

Host: Prof. Dong Li


Oct. 2

Title: Improved Camera Sensing Systems using Multimodal Sensor Fusion

Speaker: Shiwei Fang (the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

Host: Prof. Shijia Pan


Oct. 9

Title: Portable Laser Cutting

Speaker: Thijs Roumen (Hasso Plattner Insitute)

Host: Prof. Marcelo Kallmann


Oct. 16

Title: Batteries Not Included: Reimagining Computing for the Next Trillion Devices

Speaker: Prof. Josiah Hester (Northwestern University)

Host: Prof. Shijia Pan


Oct. 23

Title: Elastic-honeypot: Malicious Content Sniffers for Social Networks

Speaker: Prof. Xu Yuan (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)

Host: Prof. Wan Du


Oct. 30

Title: PEER Hub ImageNet (ϕ-Net) and Deep Learning in Image-based Structural Damage Recognition

Speaker: Dr. Yuqing Gao (University of California Berkeley)

Host: Prof. Shijia Pan


Nov. 6

Title: Understanding the Diverging Trajectories of “Twin” Online Communities during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Speaker: Dr. Jason Zhang (Max Planck Institute for Human Development)

Host: Prof. Shijia Pan


Nov. 13

Title: Markov Chain-Based Stochastic Strategies for Robotic Surveillance

Speaker: Prof. Francesco Bullo (University of California, Santa Barbara)

Host: Prof. Stefano Carpin


Nov. 20

Title: PHY-aware Cross-layer Protocol and Application Design for Cellular Networks

Speaker: Dr. Yaxiong Xie (Princeton University)

Host: Prof. Wan Du


Dec. 4

Title: Planning Algorithms for Robots Operating in Vineyards

Speaker: Thomas Thayer

Host: Prof. Stefano Carpin


Dec. 11 

Title: TBD

Speaker: Yan Li (Western Digital)

Host: Prof. Dong Li