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EECS Seminar: "Grounding Visual Content via Natural Language Expressions"

EECS Seminar: "XAIoT Enabled Smart Sensing of Soil Carbon Content for Smart Application of Biochar"

Seminar: Holistic System Design — the Avenue Toward the Data-centric Future

EECS Seminar: Renato Farias, EECS Ph.D. student

EECS Seminar: Hadi Amini, Florida International University

EECS Seminar: Melba Crawford, Purdue University

EECS Seminar: Weiran Wang, Salesforce

EECS Seminar: Yanjie Fu, University of Central Florida

EECS Seminar: Julie Baker, COO and co-Founder of Ursa Space Systems

EECS Seminar: Bruno Olshausen, UC Berkeley

EECS Seminar: "Deep Reinforcement Learning for Holistic Smart Building Control," Xianzhong Ding

EECS Technical Seminar Series: "Mathematical Modeling with Heavy-tail Distributions," Professor Sabir Umarov

EECS Seminar Series: "Improving Scheduling Performance for HPC Applications in Distributed Systems"

EECS Graduate Seminar: "Scale- and Context-aware Convolutional Neural Networks for Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring"

Push the Limits of Wireless Connectivity for IoT Devices

Managing and Analyzing Simulation Data