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Welcome to the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Technical Seminar Series.

The series is intended to provide breath of exposure to a variety of state-of-the-art research projects in electrical engineering and computer science topics to our EECS graduate students, as well as promote collaboration and knowledge exchange with distinguished researchers in the EECS field and related disciplines.

Fall 2018

All seminars take place on Friday at noon in COB 265 unless otherwise posted.

EECS 290 (Fall 2018) Webpage:

Aug 24
"Learning-Compression" Algorithm and Its Application for Neural Network Pruning Yerlan Idelbayev EECS, UC Merced
Aug 31
Interactive Exploratory Analytics of Big Spatial Data Dr. Ahmed Eldawy Assistant Professor, University of California, Riverside
Sep 7
Indoor Human Information Acquisition from Physical Vibrations Dr. Shijia Pan Postdoctoral Fellow, Carnegie Mellon University
Sep 28
Augmenting Collaborations with Social Computing Interaction Designs of Communication Channels Dr. Hao-Chuan Wang Associate Professor, University of California, Davis
Oct 12
Characterization and Modeling of Error Resilience in HPC Applications Luanzheng Guo EECS, UC Merced
Oct 19
Walnut Rootstock Development for Sustainable Nut Production: What Things Are, What They Look Like and Why Big Data Dr. Andreas Westphal Assistant Cooperative Extension Specialist, Assistant Nematologist, Kearney Agricultural Research and Extension Center
Oct 26
Microscope on Memory: FPGA Acceleration of Computer Memory System Assessments Dr. Maya B. Gokhale Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Nov 2
Limited-memory Quasi-Newton Optimization Methods for Deep Learning Jacob Rafati Heravi EECS, UC Merced
Nov 9
Artificial Intelligence: How Customer Reactions Impact Innovation Dr. Lisa Yeo Assistant Professor, University of California, Merced
Nov 16
Remote Sensing Image Analysis Based on Deep Learning Dr. Dengfeng Chai Associate Professor, Institute of Spatial Information Technique, Zhejiang University
Nov 30
Designing Alternative Sensory Channels: Visualizing Nonverbal Communication through AR and VR Systems for People with Autism Dr. LouAnne Boyd Assistant Professor, Chapman University
Dec 7
Architectural Study for Deep Learning Era Dr. Hyeran Jeon Assistant Professor, San Jose State University
Spring 2018
All seminars take place on Friday at noon in COB1 (CLSSRM) 114 unless otherwise posted.
Jan 26
Geographic Knowledge Discovery Using Ground-Level Images and Videos Professor Shawn Newsam EECS, UC Merced
Feb 2
Building Internet of Things Systems via Networked Sensing and Mobile Computing Innovations Professor Wan Du EECS, UC Merced
Feb 9
For Better or Worse, Richer or Poorer: The Future of Tech for Good Dr. Brandie Nonnecke UC Berkeley CITRIS Director of Tech for Social Good.
This talk is part of the EECS | CITRIS Frontiers in Technology Series. Special Room: COB 105
Feb 16
The Psychology of Input and Interaction of/with Text and Numbers Professor Ahmed Sabbir Arif EECS, UC Merced
Feb 23
No seminar No seminar
Mar 2
Plug-and-play Irrigation Control at Scale Daniel Winkler EECS, UC Merced
Mar 9
Simulating virtual crowds with 100,000 agents in real-time on your laptop Tomer Weiss CS, UCLA
Mar 16
Autonomous Scooter Design for People with Mobility Challenges Professor Kaikai Liu San Jose State University
Mar 23
A Robot Character for Every Home Mark Palatucci Co-Founder / Head of Cloud AI and Machine Learning at Anki.
This talk is part of the EECS | CITRIS Frontiers in Technology Series. Special Room: COB 105
Apr 6
An Exciting Future: At the crossroads of people, profit, planet and petabytes of data Chandrakant Patel Chief Engineering and Senior Fellow, Hewlett-Packard.
This talk is part of the EECS | CITRIS Frontiers in Technology Series. Special Room: COB 105
Apr 13
Computational Approaches toward Better Drugs and Better Health Care Professor Xia Ning Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis
Apr 20
Hidden Two-Stream Convolutional Networks for Action Recognition Yi Zhu EECS, UC Merced
Apr 27
Online Partial Throughput Maximization for Multidimensional Coflow Maryam Shadloo EECS, UC Merced
May 4
Optimizing Thread Management on GPUs Dr. Guoyang Chen Alibaba Research
Fall 2017
All seminars take place on Friday at noon in COB1 (CLSSRM) 263 unless otherwise posted.
Aug 25
Introduction to EECS 290Mukesh Singhal UC Merced
Sep 15
Scalable Asynchronous Gradient Descent Optimization for Big Models Torres Martin UC Merced
SEP 22
Urban Impervious Surface Extraction Using High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images Dr. Zhenfeng Shao State Key Laboratory of Information Engineering in Surveying, Mapping and Remote Sensing, Wuhan University
OCT 06
Learning Binary Hash Functions: Optimisation- and Ensemble-based ApproachesRamin Raziperchikolaei UC Merced
OCT 13
Computational Social ScienceProfessor Alex Petersen UC Merced
OCT 20
Optimizing Memory Efficiency for Deep Neural Networks on GPUsDr. Chao Li Qualcomm Research
OCT 27
Say Hello to WaymoDr. Ioan Sucan Waymo
Nov 3
Towards Accelerator-Rich Architectures and SystemsDr. Zhenman Fang Xilinx
DEC 01
Value Alignment in Artificial IntelligenceDylan Hadfield-Menell UC Berkeley
Dec 08
AuCloud: the Cloud for the Transportation Industry Dr. Carlos Garcia-Alvarado Autonomic, Inc.
Spring 2017
Jan 20
Advanced Database Techniques for Scientific Data Processing Weijie Zhao UC Merced
Jan 27
Image Editing and Learning Filters for Low-level Vision Yi-Hsuan Tsai and Sifei Liu UC Merced
Feb 3
It's All about Cache Ming Zhao Arizona State University
Feb 10
Visual Understanding: Face Parsing and Video Object Segmentation Sifei Liu and Yi-Hsuan Tsai UC Merced
FEB 17
Interactive Visual Computing for Knowledge Discovery in Science, Engineering, and Training Jian Chen University of Maryland, Baltimore County
feb 24
Situated Intelligent Interactive Systems Zhou Yu Carnegie Mellon University
mar 3
Moving Towards Customizable Autonomous Driving Chandrayee Basu UC Merced
mar 10
Inventing in the Research Lab vs Startups David Merrill Lemnos Labs Inc.
This talk is part of the EECS | CITRIS Frontiers in Technology Series - Special Room: COB2-140
mar 17
Data-Based Full-Body Motion Coordination and Planning Alain Juarez-Perez UC Merced
mar 24
Securing Internet of Things Chen Qian UC Santa Cruz
apr 7
Stochastic distribution control and its applications Hong Wang


apr 14
This seminar is being cancelled (speaker will not be able to come)
Mark Palatucci
This talk is part of the EECS | CITRIS Frontiers in Technology Series
apr 21
Bridging the Gap in Grasp Quality Evaluation Shuo Liu UC Merced
apr 28
Multicopter dynamics and control: surviving the complete loss of multiple actuators and rapidly generating trajectories Mark Mueller Mechanical Engineering Dept., UC Berkeley
may 5
Robots for the Real World James Gosling Liquid Robotics
This talk is part of the EECS | CITRIS Frontiers in Technology Series - Special Room: COB2 - 140
Fall 2016
All seminars take place on Friday at noon in COB1 (CLSSRM) 267 unless otherwise posted.
Aug 26
Combining Virtual Reality, Psychology, Theater and Learning Sciences for Training and Assessment Arjun Nagendran University of Central Florida & Mursion
Sep 2
A Parallel Sorting Algorithm for 130K CPU Cores Bin Dong Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Sep 9
Robot Motion Planning Considering Multiple Costs and Multiple Task Specifications Shams Feyzabadi UC Merced
Sep 16
Building the Enterprise Fabric for Big Data with Vertica and Spark Integration Jeff LeFevre HPE Vertica
Sep 23
Enabling Analytics at AWS Mehul Shah Amazon Web Services
Sep 30
MacroBase: Analytic Monitoring for the Internet of Things Peter Bailis Stanford University
Oct 7
Apache SystemML: Declarative Machine Learning at Scale Niketan Pansare IBM Almaden Research Center
Oct 14
Working around the CAP Theorem Vijayshankar Raman IBM Almaden Research Center
Oct 21
Bridging the I/O Gap between Spark and Scientific Data Formats on Supercomputer Jialin Liu Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Nov 4
Nonconvex Optimization by Complexity Progression Hossein Mobahi Google Research
Nov 18
Bootstrap and Uncertainty Propagation: New Theory and Techniques in Approximate Query Processing Kai Zeng Microsoft Research
Dec 2
Modeling and Fast Numerical Methods for Fractional Partial Differential Equations Hong Wang University of South Carolina
Spring 2016
All seminars take place at noon on Fridays in COB 263 unless otherwise noted.
Jan 22
No seminar
Jan 29
Monitoring Entire HPC Centers: the Sonar Project at LLNL Todd Gamblin Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory 
Feb 5
MAGIC: bringing lawn irrigation into the IoT movement Daniel Winkler UC Merced
Feb 10
Perceiving and Interacting with Images Ming-Ming Cheng Nankai University
Feb 12
How to Get Your CVPR Paper Rejected? Ming-Hsuan Yang UC Merced
Feb 19
Vertical Partitioning for Query Processing over Raw Data Weijie Zhao UC Merced
Feb 26
Topological methods for motion planning and trajectory analysis Florian Pokorny UC Berkeley
Mar 4
EECS/CITRIS: Robot Intelligence in a Cloud-Connected World James Kuffner Toyota Research Institute
Mar 11
EECS/CITRIS: We are all makers Dale Doughtery Maker Media
Mar 18
Dot-Product Join: An Array-Relation Join Operator for Big Model Analytics Chengjie Qin UC Merced
Mar 25
No seminar (Chesar Chavez Holiday)
Apr 01
EECS/CITRIS: Platypus Cooperative Robotic Boats: Learning to Balance R&D and ProductizationPaul Scerri Platypus LLC
apr 7
Making Information Retrieval Easier: Directing Exploratory Search over 50 Million Documents by Interactive Intent ModelingJaakko Peltonen University of Tampere and Aalto University
Apr 08
Complex-valued Linear Layers for Deep Neural Network-based Acoustic Models for Speech Recognition Zak Shafran Google
apr 15
Online Aggregation On Raw DataYu Cheng UC Merced
apr 22
Exploring New Approaches for Mechanical Fruit Harvesting via Model-based DesignStavros Vougioukas UC Davis
Apr 29
No seminar
May 06
3D XPoint: A New Revolution in Memory Technology Chun-Yi Su Intel
Fall 2015
All seminars take place at noon on Fridays in COB 263 unless otherwise noted.
Aug 28
Re-architecting the Memory-Storage Stack with NVRAMs Jishen Zhao UC Santa Cruz
Sep 4
Learning Plan Abstractions and Coordination for Agents in Real-Time Complex Game Environments Arnav Jhala UC Santa Cruz
Sep 11
DeepDive: A Data System for Macroscopic Science Christopher Re Stanford University

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